This is my most clicked picture on Flickr. Not necessarily my best pic, but according to the site stats it is the most clicked and favorite of all. I use it to wish peace: this is Torrenieri (the exact location is here – map ), the cypress grove most photographed in Italy.  This picture is not photoshopped: the colors are strange because it was almost sunset in November, and the sun had gone down behind the hill. In order to have light I had to use the maximum aperture, thus burning the sky to white in the background. The shadows are a strange gray due to the typical cold temperature of the light in this period of the year.

In the end, I became fond of this shot as well, maybe because this is one of my first in digital. I particularly like the furrow lines, marks which testify the great care of the land taken by people in Tuscany. The furrows go from left to right giving dynamism to the photo. I also like the pale tones , almost washed out, which give a sense of intimacy to the whole landscape. This feeling is also due to those cypresses, isolated, almost like a family gathering in the home intimacy.

Published by Carlo Arioli