Seiser Alm, taken with a polarizer, the sky is always bluer. I was shooting this while a friendly ranger was standing at my side, local accent, speaking restlessy spending review we cann’t patrol the land as before, new taxes – little remais of the salary , YES … better this government than the one before. .. “bUT” … they want to do a lot … but … who has a lot of money in South Tyrol (?) bypasses all the rules “. A single synaesthetic fil rouge in my head, the prophetic Rino Gaetano singing: Who has inner crises, who digs into hearts / who reads palms, who reigns / who sweats, who fight, who eat once a day/ who has no house, who is living alone / who earns very little, who plays with fire / who lives in Calabria, who lives of love …. who dies at work / na na na na na …. But the sky is always bluer ah ah , ah ah,