In the camp of Mauthausen Memorial, there is a dark room with black wide panels displaying the names of the victims that was possible identify, more than 123,000 names. The panels are large, black and names are engraved in transparency, with a strong white lights placed under them to illuminate the room. Yes, the victims names and stories are illuminating the room. An ocean of suffering. I took a pict with progressive zoom in: behind the endless tragedy, zoomin in, a list and individual names appeared, till I stop on one. On a story, one life, one death. Bye Cesare (Parolini).

Cesare Parolini Born in Busnago (MI) on 18/03/1886. He participated in the First World War.  He lived in Milan, in via Ponale 66. Arrested in the evening.  02/03/1944, at home.  Kept in San Vittore prison he arrived in Mauthausen (matr.57318) the 3/13/1944 . He was transferred to Ebensee (M), where he died on 15/1/ 1945.

Published by Carlo Arioli