guinness-qr-code-fullGuinness QR CUP is an example of how in consumer marketing the exception can break the rule … to be innovative engage customers through entertainment, create Guinness brand preference, increase consumption virally
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  • In a previous post we analyzed what are QR codes and why they are used to move from the physical world to the digital, allowing to benefit from the richness of multimedia formats to “extend” the product well beyond its physical touch.

    The poster on the right shows the campaign: Guinness gave speacial glassess to pub with a printed QR code (only white spaces). When the glass is emply, the QR cannot be read via mobile. More important, the QR cannot be read even in a full glass of lager, as the constranst is not sufficient. Only then the pint is filled with with pure, black Guinness … finally the mobile camerta will do the magic and recognize the QR code. Interestingly, we are facing a re-invention of a brand new technology! Leveraging the need for high contrast emphasizes the distinctive trait of the Guinness legend: its famous dark black. <p>”>The landing page then further reinforces the viral aspect: share with friends the experience so that others are encouraged to repeat it (drink another glass!) and have fun together. The innovative idea also pushes the viral ‘brand awareness’: all marketing blog began to talk about Guinness (including this one)!

    I loved the creativity to challenge conventnions: usually the QR is recognized by the black line, while here the black are the gaps … until Guinness takes the black back … to life. I expect this innovation could be replicated in other areas: children coloring on paper an empty QR to access free movies clip. I do not know if they will delight also parents … but thanks to Guiness a new path is open to follow.

    Another technical aspect is worth considering. The creative agency used a temporary domain  to launch the campaign (not owned by Guinness). After the campaign finished in bars, the domain was closed and now, when the QR is scanned, nothing exist anymore. But the QR is not only on the glasses, but it is well alive in internet. Just leaving the domain available would still take Guinnessresults from the viral halo effect. Lessons? HAving a landing page fully outsourced to the agency can be a mistake as very good digital campaign can survive more over Internet than the physical world !!