Quite a peculiar picture of the Dolomites, wrapped in clouds early in the morning. The Dolomites are called Pale Mountains from a legend¬†(sorgente), which moon light resemblances, so different from the other Alps colors “… called Pale Mountains after a prodigious spell occurred at the time of the ancient Kingdom of the Dolomites, when the rock of the mountains was the same color of the Alps …. the king’s son had married the moon princess, but a sad fate condemned the two young lovers to live eternally separated.

The man could not endure the intense light of the moon that would make him blind, the princess tried to escap the view of mountains dark and shady woods that caused her a melancholy so profound to make her sick gravemente.Almost all the joy seemed to have gone, and only the dark forests were solitary refuge from the poor prince …. But you know, though, that the shadowy forests are places populated by strange characters, full of amazing powers and capable of turning upside down the unexpected course of events. And so, one day, in his desperate wanderings, the prince encountered the king of Salvani, a nice little gnome in search of a land for his people. After hearing the sad story of the young husband, the king of Salvani offered him to make bright the mountains of his reign, in return for permission to live in the woods¬† with his own people. Signed the pact, gnomes wove for an entire night the light of the moon until they covered all the rocks. The princess was thus able to return down on earth and to live happily together with her husband and Dolomites finally became the Pale Mountains.