Where man is at peace with nature, harmony can be seen with a naked eye, no need of a camera.

Castelluccio Di Norcia is called the roof of Apennines in Italy: a discovery of a dream landscape. It’s the top of a plateau, vast, lonely, wild and boundless. Life can not be easy here, although tourism has given them some hope. Famous for huge fields of lentils, it blossoms with wonderful colors during the “blossom festival.” I bough a bag of lentils made by hand, from a lady. I asked her the naive question if  lentils were local, and she replied back simply: “Sure! As long as WE are there, there will be always be lentils! “.  The opposite logic: not lentils feeding people, but the tenacity of those who live here that does continue to make lentils exists. In the highest fields of the Apennines. Till when? We don’t know. Thanks passionate lady, romantic keeper of an ancient history: long live the lentils!

Published by Carlo Arioli