Here I publish some of my best pictures along with thoughts and personal notes. Photography and marketing share a lot: creativity and curiosity for all the world around us. Improve professionally or in hobbies follow the same rules: making qualitative stepchange and understand sublte small things, but of a great value. Sometimes it takes little time, sometimes it takes years or a whole life.

By yourself or thanks to someone. For me, my photographic transformation started focusing on “aesthetic” pleasure of an interesting subject not the tecnique. Stop thinking about the photo you want to do, but focus on why something attracts you and understand exactly what that ‘something’ is. Henri Bergson calls this “the punctum”. Yet if you look around ninety percent of the manuals of pictures … speak only about technique. The best book I’ve read on the subject, there is a single line of technique, and it was a “chance meeting” in a bookshop in Milan (Image Makers, Image Takers, Anne Celine Jaeger). I know there is still much to learn, but the fun is the journey

Published by Carlo Arioli